Basic Element Surfboards was started in 1996 by Gary Cimochowski,
a well known surfer and businessman in the surf industry for 35 years
on the Jersey Shore. Gary had a dream to start his own surfboard
company because of his love and passion for the sport since he was
a child. He had a wealth of knowledge about surfing and friends who
were shapers and glassers in San Diego. With this he launched the
company, which has had much success here in New Jersey.

Gary died on January 18, 2003 of T-cell lymphoma. He leaves behind
his wife, Meg, of 30 years and their 6 children. The company is now
run by Meg, and several of their children.

Our philosophy at Basic Element is the same as Gary's... We want
every customer to be satisfied and feel they are riding a magic board.
We want anyone riding a Basic Element to feel the passion that Gary
felt every time he caught a wave.



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