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Performance boards- these boards are made for medium to big surf. They have a progressive rocker outline, single to double concaves, and can be shaped to any specifications.

Flier-the flier is a board that can maintain float in smaller to medium sized waves. It has a wider nose and tail, and fuller rails. It should be ridden 2 to 3 shorter and wider than your conventional shortboard.

80s Retro-these boards are a reminder of the early 70s and 80s board styles. They are thicker and fuller than todays thinner boards, which makes them much more forgiving. They catch waves very easily and should be ridden in medium sized surf. Garys favorite color combo for this style board is green and yellow!

Hybrid - this is the Costa Rican special! They have a wide point more forward for better paddle with a pull through the tail with a single wing swallow to allow maneuverability of the tail. They have a relaxed entry rocker for easier wave catching. They are great in small surf, but can be ridden in all conditions.  They really come alive in big surf, giving you more performance than youd expect.

Flex-Tail-Its a small wave performance board. There is no stringer in the tail of the board, which makes the tail flex. This allows you to make tighter cut-backs and get more pop out of your turns.



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